Auybowan ! Hello Everyboy!

I am 47 years of age, married with three daughters. I am a practicing Buddhist. I have My 3 daughters are at school. Erandi is my wife who is a very caring housewife.

It would be my pleasure to be your personal driver to beautiful Sri Lanka! I have been touring Sri Lanka for the past 27 years. Touring is what I can do best, knowing every nock and corner of my beloved home country. So taking you on a wonderful and exciting trip is my dedication. And how can you tour Sri Lanka with me?

I offer packaged tours which might start anywhere you like. I can pick you up from your hotel anywhere on the island and start the tour from there or pick you up right at your arrival in Colombo.

But: You are most welcome to design your own round tour! You may choose from the locations of my ready-made tours or propose your own schedule.

Safari in Sri Lanka

A safari is simply a long, adventurous journey or expedition for exploration or investigation of the wild animals in their natural habitats.

We left ‘hunting’ in the definition for we like to reserve the wild intact for our future generations.

History of modern ‘safaris’ our earliest ancestors primarily depended on fruits, nuts, and sea or fresh water food found in their natural habitats for their living. Apart from this, they lived on carcasses of large animals killed by other predators in the wild rather than hunting.

Unforgettable Sri Lanka Round Tours with Papa